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Model   Part #                      Name                                   Condition            Notes                   QTY

TD2      240-11111-00         cylinder Head, left                nos                                               

TD2      240-11121-00         cylinder head, right              nos                                                 

TD2      240-11181-00         Head Gasket                         nos                                                  10

TD2      246-11351-00         Base Gasket                         nos                                                  10

TD2      240-14486-00         carb bar, screw rod             nos                                                

TD2-TZ  240-181113-00      rubber, gear change           nos                                                    5

TD2       240-15418-00         Chain cover                           nos

TD2       240-26371-00         brake cable splitter, body   nos    early type fixed to lever NOT TZ TYPE !

TD2-TZ 240-83941-00         lever, choke throttle            nos

TD2       240-18117-10         joint, rod2 (LH gear rod clevis)nos                                          20

TD2                                         Exhuast nut                           nos                                                2

TZ250G  4A1                         Cylinder                                  used                   Good/needs replate

TZ250A  430                         Cylinder                                  used                   Good/needs replate

TZ250    430-11631-00-96  Piston, STD                          nos

TZ B                                       cyl head studs, blue              used                           ok                  8

TD2-TZB                                 Headstock crown/top yoke, casting new need machining        2

TD2-TZ                                   fuel tap                                   used                          good

TZ                                           crankcase  clutch cover (dry)used                      v good

Mikuni         VM32                 carburettor, pair, 32mm        used                       v good

TD3                                        Inlet carb spacer                   used                           good

TD3                                        carb inlet manifold                used                             ok                 4

TD3-TZ                          CDI Ignition assy ( M200-08) (with coils, CDI etc)          untested

TD3-TZ                          CDI Ignition assy ( M200-06) (with coils, CDI etc)          untested

TD3-TZ                          CDI Ignition Stator Only (M200-11)                                 untested

TD3-TZ                          CDI Ignition Stator Only, no backplate (M200-11)          untested

TZ350                                     Tachometer, 1:1.57, 10,500   NOS

TD3                                          seat, genuine                         used                      needs work


TD3                                         Engine, complete. DS7-UNSTAMPED   used      appears v good

TZC-D                                     Fork, sliders                             used                            good

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