YD-A Restoration

February 21, 2016

The engine came apart pretty easily and without damaging anything, all that was needed was plenty heat, penetratign oil and the right tools. The gearbox was in perfect condition, thankfully.  


It really looks as if this engine has only been raced a few times befor...

February 20, 2016

After a long wait (mostly due to my apathy for reasons undisclosed) the engine arrived earlier this week ! But boy, was it worth the wait ?! At first glance I was a little apprehensive of the engines condition, but as I was able to look at it more closely it soon becam...

December 31, 2015

The frame was sent for jigging and straightening. It had a bit of a bend at the headstock, but now it's all nice and straight thanks to Maidstone Motoliner ( www.motoliner.com)



November 22, 2015

 The carburettors are the earliest kind of Mikuni made Amal type. The look very similar to the later ones used on the TD1 range but are marked up slighlty differently and have different bottom nuts which have a simple dot to mark the set level rather than a red line as...

November 22, 2015


The superfluous brackets were all carefully cut off and the frame was sent to Maidstone Motorliner for jigging and straightening before any more work is carried out.


The forks were very badly corred and rusted into the sliders.



November 22, 2015

 The quality of the crank machining is much better than the production bikes and the attention to detail of the knife edge polished conrods is superb.


Below. The matched pair of 54mm YD-A barrels reunited., P no 7.  One barrel came with the bike, the other came from So...

July 27, 2015

I managed to find the original YD engine via a friend in the US, who obtained this engine from Sonny Angel after his shop closed down, it was found in the shop along with a rear wheel, that coincidently my machine also happened to be missing. I had believed my bike cam...

July 27, 2015

Here is the frame of YD-A frame number YD21 as it was found. It can be seen that a fairing bracket has been welded onto the headstock as per the 1961 Factory YX24/ RR250's and Yellow Tanker models. These were first seen in the US in Feb '61 when Yamaha brought over Ito...

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