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RR 250 "Yellow Tanker" - The Prototype Production Racer

Only 10 x 1961 RR 250 "Yellow Tankers" were sold in the US as a prototype for a new breed of Yamaha that customers had eagerly  been waiting for; a bespoke built, over the counter Production Racer.  Here are a selection of them, back in the day. 
Johnny Thompson of East Side Cycle bought the first RR off of the production line.  The picture above, shows Mr Thompson on a lap of honour after winning a race at Tucson Raceway 1962. This picture was kindly supplied by Roger Davis, a rider at East Side Cycle, Tucson who also raced and won on this bike as late as 1969. 
This machine first raced on the tarmac at Dodge City in 1961 but after a crash, Johnny Thompson preferred to ride the gravel flat tracks, and became very successful.
Rider: K. Johnson. Pic taken at Santa Barbara 27 May 1961. He finished 6th. 
yellow tanker 1961 Yamaha.jpg
Unknown Rider. 1961. California. (Willow Springs/Paradise Mesa?) 
Unknown Rider. 1961. California. (Willow Springs/Paradise Mesa?) 
Larry Parsons, Santa Barbara, 1962.
Steve Parker, K&N M/Cs, California.
Jim Munz's machine, Indianapolis July 1961
Believed to be Frank Munz, 
Harold McMullen Vinelands.JPG
Harold McMullen on George Caswell's machine. Note the integral rear number plate in the seat cowl and the round front number plate with fly screen 
George Caswell on bike, Harold McMullen standing. Vinelands, NJ. May 14th 1961. 
picture credits : Sonny Angel,  Frank & Jim Munz, Roger Davis, Ray Jennings.
Thanks to everyone for helping me to bring this information together
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