YZ607's and YZ608's Today

As only 2 x Z608's and 4 of each YZ607 & YZ608 models were built and intended purely as official works machines, it was highly unlikely that any of these machines would have survived, let alone fall into private hands. But, back at the end of the 1968 season Yamaha had a major change in their racing strategy and withdrew from officially supporting the World Grand Prix, as well as this there was a restructuring of the Yamaha International relationship with Japan, resulting in the YZ607's and YZ608 being sold off to well connected people in the know at this interesting time. 
At this time I can account for 1 maybe 2 X YZ608's and 3 X YZ607's, although the others may be out there... 
1968 YZ608 350cc
white paint 2 2019.jpg
Above shows my YZ608 (frame # 3 ) in it's Factory paint scheme bodywork. This machine was bought from Yamaha International at the end of the 1968 season by Mr Al Godin, alongside a YZ607. Al was well connected with Yamaha; as well as being a factory mechanic for several riders, he was connected in the movie industry and was responsible for Yamaha featuring in the Robert Redford / Michael Pollard movie "Big Fauss & Little Halsy". Al also privately sponsored many riders (along with Bill Krause) with riders such as Jody Nicholas & Tom Rockwood. Al recalled that when he got the call to come and see the bikes, there were 3 of each type available and all painted white with numbers and stickers removed so you couldn't tell whose machine each one was and all of them had the RD56 front brakes fitted.
The "Big Fauss & Little Halsy" lead character bike was based on this machine and a TR2 was painted in a similar scheme by Molly for the movie, it was also numbered with #58 which was Jody Nicholas' number as used on this machine, whilst the Pollard bike was #10 which was Tom Rockwood's number (Tom also rode as Pollards stunt double) - Both riders being sponsored by Al at the time.
The below pictures show this machine in it's original 1969/1970 Al Godin paintwork, as custom painted by Rollin "Molly" Sanders (Paint by Molly), who went on to design the infamous Yellow & Black "Speed Block design... You can perhaps see the origins of the "Speed Blocks" on this bike! 
Prescott Hill 2018 1.jpg
Above, the YZ608 in action at Prescott Hillclimb 2018
Below, the movie TR2 painted as a replica of the Al Godin / Jody Nicholas machine above.
Below, Phil Read on this bike at the Lord of Lydden meeting 2019. As recorded above, Phil rode one of these 4 machines at the 1968 Daytona, although this machine is likely to have either been Yvon Duhamel's or Art Baumann's in the race, as the front hub has ART painted on it and the head stock has an additional #5 stamped on it (Duhamel's race number), although clearly the machines were ridden by other riders after Daytona.
Al Godin kept this machine right up until he sold it to me in 2016, shortly before he passed on. 
phil read 2019 lydden.jpg
Above, I was lucky enough to find an original works RD05 front drum brake as fitted to the YZ608 originally in 1968 and as used at Daytona. As several pictures show (on my previous page), soon after Daytona this bike was fitted with the smaller RD56 drum, as Phil Read recalled to me that he (and other members of the team) suffered high speed weaving due to the wide air scoops on the bigger drum. Hence, the following RD05A and indeed the 1969 production TR2/TD2 brakes did not have air scoops, but instead a flat mesh grill covering an air inlet.
1967 YZ607 250cc
Above shows my YZ607 250cc as it was found.  This machine was originally bought from Yamaha by a Californian racer Roderick Brierley, who soon after sold it to Stephen Mallonee. Mallonee made a few alterations to suit his style including lengthening the swinging arm and moving the footrests back. Mallonee later sold it to Jack Matlock, who continued to race the bike well into to mid-70's and kept it until he sold to a collector in the early 2010's.

It has remained largely unrestored, although it really needs to be renovated back to standard.

Below is the YZ607 with frame number 2 away from mine. Current owner Rick Soles, believes this machine was the one ridden by Gary Nixon.